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will be worse. meteorologist tom kierein will let us know how hot and humid it will get today. >>> and this will cool you off. look at this. water rushing everywhere on i-395. we're working to get new information on what sprung this major leak. >> would be nice if that was by design. >> yeah. >> all the convertibles going through, getting cooled off. >> good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs. thursday, the 9th of june. you can see the humidity in the air. can barely see the washington monument out there. the jefferson memorial disappears in the haze. here is tom with the forecast. >> looks soupy. >> has gotten more humid overnight. we thought yesterday was a steamy day. today will be worse. sweltering humidity in place throughout the day. there is the jefferson memorial. reagan national at 79. the hottest temperature ever recorded in june in washington was set on this date back in 1874. it got to 102. we will be near that region today. the shenandoah valley, blue ridge region, foothills of the appalachians, out in western maryland, west virginia, some of those locations
through that haze. you know you want to hide under the bed today. let's go to tom kierein and storm center 4. >> we climb into the upper 90s to near 100 degrees. good morning. it's pleasant now, know. mid-60s suburbs and rural areas. weather watchers checking in. thanks for checking in early on this wednesday morning. mid-70s in washington. by the bay, there's the sunrise. tower camera looking off to the east. and by 9:00 near 80. near 90 by noon. upper 90s by midafternoon. and it will feel like 100 to 105 with humidity. here's your night planner. not much relief this evening. in fact, by 7:00 it will still be 90 degrees. by 11:00 this evening, back down to near 80 and getting more comfortable. by dawn, down into the low to mid-70s. another hot day tomorrow. relief on the way from friday into the weekend. those details coming up at 6:21. jerry, how is traffic. >> we continue to follow breaking news in montgomery county where authorities continue to investigate a deadly motorcycle accident that occurred in the early morning hours. looking at live pictures chopper 4 over the scene. ramp from
uncomfortable. meteorologist tom kierein insists that you will feel a difference. >>> the change in plans for metro. the big difference you'll notice on weekend. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm eun yang. >> it was the end of a long and hot week but it's now friday. thank goodness. june 10th. you'll notice a little difference when you head outside this morning. the question you'll be asking yourself, what's the difference between 102 and 92? well, 10 degrees to start with. >> do the math. >> but it will feel different. >> wait a minute. yesterday was fry-day. we did get to 102. that was the hottest june in 137 years since way back in 1874. oh, man it was incredible. right now things have really improved. we're down into the mid-60s. around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley, weather watchers happily report. closer to washington near 70 in prince george's county. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, low 70s. near 70 in parts of southern maryland, lower eastern shore. a refreshing change occurred overnight in the wake of the storms that kept half of us awake overnight. storms dissipated thankful
're going to like this forecast. meteorologist tom kierein joins us with the latest. tom. >> what a change. >> great. >>> we had six days in a row got 90 degrees or higher last week. the heat wave did last quite a while, almost a week. now it's over thankfully. for several days we'll be getting a break from high heat and high humidity. right now a cool and comfortable 65 at reagan national. it has dipped down into the low 60s in prince george's county. montgomery county, many locations in the upper 50s. arlington county, low to mid-60s. farther west,. akrting8 virgi ad temperatures in the upper 50s around much of virginia and maryland in the rural areas. south and east, near 70, as well as around the bay and eastern shore. mountains of western maryland, west virginia, only in the mid-50s on this monday morning. look at pittsburgh. it's only 50 degrees there. it's even chillier around the great lakes. it's only year 40 degrees this morning. that's the core of canadian high pressure coming down our way. it will be in place the next several days. we'll have clouds in and out. there's the dawn
for the weekend, meteorologist tom kierein delivers a night outlook. good morning to you, tom. >> thank you, sir. >> well, thank you very much. >>> it does look like we have lower humidity moving in. just the picture we just saw, you can see the visibility is a lot better. less haze in the air on this friday morning, and we do have a partly cloudy sky. 75 at reagan national. from foggy bottom to oxon hill, shan tilly and poolesville, we have temperatures near 70 degrees. mid-70s in washington and by the way. mid to upper 60s shenandoah valley and the western part of maryland and into west virginia. temperatures there in the mid-60s. later today, we will have our sunrise at 5:44, and temperatures by 9:00 will be near 80. mid-80s by noontime. upper 80s midafternoon and partly cloudy. late in the afternoon and into early evening, we have a 30% chance for some passing thunderstorms as the lower humidity really does push in. that threat of any storms and severe weather is east of interstate 95. we'll take a look at your night planner. we'll have that and a lingering storm perhaps until about 7:00 or
to tom kierein in stormcenter 4 looking at the forecast. tom? >>> looking at that sun too. there's a live picture from the city camera. the sun's up. lower humidity coming in on a northwest breeze. right now it's pleasant. we're low to mid-70s throughout much of the region. 74 at reagan national. it's going to continue to climb. here's another view of the sky from the sky watcher. washington on the left. on the right is arlington. we've got the sunshine flooding the sky. by 9:00 we'll be in the upper 70s to near 80. by noontime, low 80s. by afternoon, mid and upper 80s. low humidity. a clear evening coming up. a beautiful night. we'll have temperatures in the 70s by late evening. and then the low and mid-60s by this time tomorrow morning. a look at thursday, friday, the holiday weekend. that will be in about ten minutes. now, danella, how's traffic? >>> we still have a delay on our rails right here. the marc brunswick east line, train number p874. the delay is 20 minutes. be aware of that as you make your commute. the beltway looks pretty good. no major accidents. on the 95 north in virgi
will be returning. this morning we are off to a pleasant start. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. we're 6 at reagan national. low 60s in prince george's. montgomery, near 60 degrees. arlington now in the upper 6 0s. much of fairfax county now in the mid-60s. farther west, weather watchers reporting mostly clear sky and it's in the low 60s to mid-60s. and there is a little bit of ground fog in the rural areas of maryland and virginia, parts of west virginia, near the bay, temperatures in the upper 60s. lower part of the eastern shore away from the waters it's only near 60. so quite a pleasant start to this monday morning. meanwhile, out of the mountains in maryland, west virginia, upper 50s to even mid-50s a few locations in western maryland. and a bit steamy to our south where temperatures are near 70 in the carolinas. but that steam is going to stay away from us today. we have a tphoenorthwesterly fl loft. a few clouds kwopg. a live picture from city camera. sunrise, 5:43. by 9:00, bright and sunny sky. we'll be in the mid-70s by then. by noon time, 80. by midafternoon, into the mid-80s.
nature powerful indeed. bringing powerful heat and humidity to our area. meteorologist tom kierein is in the storm center with the very latest. >>> good morning, eun. good morning to you at home. thanks for skhebging in with us on this tuesday morning. off to a pleasant start. heat building today. high humidity not arriving until tomorrow. right now 69 at reagan national. upper 60s on the bay. elsewhere, away from the waters, only in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. so quite a pleasant start this morning. there's the washington monument under a clear sky. sunrise 5:43. near 80 by 9:00. a few high clouds coming in. peak above 90 by afternoon. night planner, a clear evening but warm. 80s through the early evening. near 70 by this time tomorrow morning. humidity builds tomorrow, as does the heat. a look at that in 10 minutes. >> start this time on the beltway just east of the woodrow wilson bridge. inner and outer loop for 295, national harbor moving along nicely. wilson bridge span. very good news out of oxen hill. no concerns. i-95 northbound virginia as you head north to the princ
for weather and traffic together on the ones. tom kierein is going to tell us more about this beautiful weather. >> it feels like hockey out in the mountains this morning. only in the 40s in some locations. around the blue ridge, low to mid-50s panhandle of west virginia. up in washington, county. closer to washington, mid to upper 50s and near 60. washington by the bay, in the mid-60s much there's the live picture from the sky watcher camera. excellent advise ivisibility. by 9:00, near 70. clouds and a chance of a few small sprinkles. clouds should break up by midevening this evening. we'll have a full moon and a mostly clear sky by midnight. by this time tomorrow morning, we'll be back down into the 50s again. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend at 6:21. danella sealock, how's traffic now? >> good morning. we're starting to build. 66 is looking pretty bad. i want to take you all the way down here to the 234 bypass. that's where you're going to start seeing your congestion build. it's going to go all the way until you get to the car rest area. i'm going to give you a live lo
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70 million users. >>> turning to our weather now, making a little news out there, tom kierein joins us with our first forecast of midday. tom? >> still a cloudy sky in washington. that was a live picture there from the city camera. and the radar scanning the sky, no more rain across virginia, most of maryland, except on the eastern shore, they're getting just a few sprinkles now in right now, central delaware, and right near talbot county, and that's drifting off towards the east. elsewhere, we have some low clouds with us, that are beginning to break up across central virginia. in fact, where the sunshine's broken out in charlottesville, they're up to 81 degrees right now. fredericksburg has some sun. in the upper 70s there. but under the cloud cover, in the low 70s around washington. 73 right now at reagan national. and for the rest of the afternoon, we should see some sunshine breaking out. it's going to be rather humid today, and we have the possibility of some late afternoon thunderstorms popping up. before then, we should have our temperatures climbing into the upper 80s by mi
, especially for the weekend. meteorologist tom kierein is here with weather and traffic on the ones. good morning to you, tom. >> there's not as much haze. visibility has improved because we've had somewhat lower humidity moving in overnight and around the region we've got quite a bit of cloudiness. only in the upper 60s in parts of montgomery and fairfax county and points west. from washington to andover, burke, and bethesda, we have quite a bit of cloudiness. it is much more pleasant as we have drier air pushing in from the west. we have a cool front pushing in from the mountains, and that front will be pushing through the rest of the region east of virginia. that will be as this day progresses, and that will usher in even lower humidity as we get into the late afternoon hours and into the evening hours. right now still quite a bit of cloudiness over washington. live picture from the city camera. by 9:00, upper 70s, partly cloudy. partly cloudy the rest of the day. temperatures mid-80s by late afternoon. as that secondary shot comes in, we could get an isolated shower popping up where t
:11. weather and traffic on the ones. meteorologist tom kierein, tell us about this humidity. it looks pretty steamy already. >> there be solstice parties too around the world as this is the day when we have our most sunlight in the northern hemisphere. >>> this morning the sun's been up now for about 20 minutes or so, and it is still very cloudy and rather dark out with this low cloud cover. we're also getting a few sprinkles showing up right now on radar. in prince george's county and calvert county. farther west and north, there's a little area of some heavier rain in morgan, jefferson, and washington county, eastern allegheny drifting off to the south and east. and our temperatures are in the 60s to near 70. 70 now at reagan national. it is rather humid. there's the jefferson memorial. by 9:00, mid-70s and still cloudy. just a small chance of a lingering shower. by noontime, they'll have sun out and ought to be in the upper 80s by midafternoon. solstice arriving at 1:16. late afternoon and evening, could have thunderstorms. only a small chance that an isolated storm would produce any wind
and humidity oppressive. down right dangerous for some folks. tom kierein joins us with how high the temperatures are going to get and how much humidity. >> thick humidity. today, in fact, it's even higher than yesterday. the temperatures actually may be a little bit hotter than yesterday, as well. now, around the region our temperatures have hit the mid-90s in many locations. now, 94 at reagan national. and we have hazy sunshine these are the feel-like temperatures. the heat index 102, when you combine that 94 degree temperature with the humidity, it does feel like it's already around 100 degrees throughout much of the region. ocean city's heat index is 107. just incredibly high here and it's only just past 11:00 in the morning. now, looking at the view from space, we do have the hazy sunshine. there is some relief on the way, but it's stay way out in the midwest, northern indiana, southern michigan, northern illinois. a front that way that is going to begin to move our way, but not until tomorrow. so, for the rest of the afternoon, hazy and humid. that heat index hovering aroun
'm meteorologist tom kierein off to a refreshingly cool start on this monday morning. the humidity has dropped. the temperatures have dropped. it's only near 60 in the rural areas of much of maryland and virginia. in washington and areas south and east, it's in the upper 60s to near 70. and we've got a partly cloudy sky now over capitol hill. our sunrise at 5:42. by 9:00 we'll be in the low 70s. by noontime, upper 70s. a few clouds coming in and out. afternoon highs reaching just near 80 degrees with a northwest breeze around 15 to 20 miles an hour. this evening we'll be having a mostly clear sky. we'll be in the mid-70s by 7:00 and by late evening, around midnight, in the upper 60s. and by dawn tomorrow, temperatures will drop down to the 50s as we start off tuesday morning. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend at 5:21. >> roads looking good. the metro and vre are on and running close to schedule. you're looking good north of deuce street. let's head over to 495 in both directions, inner and outer loop, you're good as well. and the key bridge, traffic is flowing, and we are feeling
is just about 6:11. let's check in with tom kierein in stormcenter 4 to see what kind of day we're going to have in our region. >>> a few areas getting some rain. right now there's a gray sky over the jefferson memorial. that's a live picture. as we look at the radar, right now we are getting rain south and east of washington. radar picking that up over charles county, st. mary's county, and that's drifting off to the northeast. just now coming into calvert county out of the northern neck of virginia. also on the lower part of the eastern shore, they're getting some showers there. elsewhere, closer to washington, getting a few sprinkles in the nearby suburbs of prince george's, montgomery, arlington, and fairfax counties. farther west and north at loudoun county, frederick county, maryland. right there on the anne arundel howard county line. temperatures around the region, 60s to our west and north. near 60 in washington. south and east in the low and mid-70s. there's another look at our sky. the live picture from our sky watcher camera. you can see the gray clouds over washington now. b
. >> good morning. i'm tom kierein. a cool start this saturday morning around the region. many locations are just in the low 50s to low 60s in washington and near the bay. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine today, a gorgeous spring day. a few clouds this afternoon. temperatures climbing into the low 80s by midafternoon with low humidity in place. then tomorrow we might have a morning shower or perhaps a passing afternoon thundershower, a small chance of that. otherwise, partly sunny i it fo. that's your weekend forecast, amy? >>> bill, thank you. overseas, the massive outbreak of e. coli continues to take a deadly toll. across europe, scores have died from a strain of bacteria never seen in humans before. it also has many people here at home concerned. nbc's michelle kazinski has more. >>> the relentlessness of the outbreak continues to surprise doctors. 200 new cases of e. coli infection and two days in germany. 18 deaths. more than 1800 sick in a dozen countries. >> what's unusual in this situation is the percentage of people who have severe complications is higher than we expect. >> n
of rain coming down. a lot of drizzle at least. let's find out from tom kierein whether the rain is going to last all day. >>> time for weather and traffic early on this monday morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now around much of the region a wet start to this monday morning. right now we are getting generally light rain. those areas of blue and green, light rain. panhandle of west virginia, the shenandoah valley, and from the blue ridge east to washington right now raining lightly in washington and in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties also getting some light rain moving from the southwest heading northeast. a little bit heavier rain northern neck of virginia and into southern maryland lower part of the eastern shore. it's a mild morning and rather humid all around the region. little light fog too in the air. temperatures right around 70 degrees. by 9:00, we'll still be in the mid-70s, maybe a little light rain, perhaps even by noontime light rain, upper 70s by then. in the afternoon, should get sun breaking out, highs in the 80s. by
. i'm meteorologist tom kierein, this monday morning, the 27th day of june. >>> radar scanning the sky, picking up a few sprinkles in northern virginia and maryland. and further to the south, south of fredericksburg, a little downpour there. they may have a rumble of thunder with that. should be ready to move to king george county. temperatures are 60 to near 70 through much of the region. right now 71 at reagan national. over the last 24 hours, a stalled front to our south. along that front, we'll have maybe a few sprinkles this morning and then later this afternoon a few storms around. right now generally a dry sky over washington. some of the pavement may be wet from some of the passing overnight and predawn light showers. might have a lingering light shower midmorning. otherwise, mostly cloudy morning. little sun may break out, and late afternoon, we could get scattered thunder showers. highs reaching the mid-80s before that. we'll take a look at the monday night planner coming up in ten minutes. let's check in this morning with our traffic. we have courtney ward with us this morni
day long on twitter@tom kierein. the latest forecast as well as the latest science, weather, and nature news on twitter. now let's check traffic with danella sealock. >> good morning. great news so far, no accidents to report. that's a good thing. >>> take a look at d.c. right now it's florida avenue. looking pretty good. here in maryland, 495 at new hampshire avenue, you're moving right along. in virginia, 66 at the rest area. you see those trucks taking a rest, but the road is looking open and beautiful. back to you, eun and joe. >> thank you very much, danella. >>> a new survey puts d.c. at the top of the list for the best city to raise a family. "parenting" magazine's july issue gives the top honor to the nation's capital. they made the ranking based on things including housing, employment, health care, commuting, and child care. they looked at the charm and culture in each city. that includes things such as museums, performing arts, and kid friendly restaurants. austin, boston, minneapolis, and des moines, iowa, rounded out the top five. >> but it's an expensive place t
box could probably reopen in just a few days. >> all right. just about 4:31. meteorologist tom kierein is here to tell us more about this refreshing weather. it was a beautiful day yesterday. >> all i have to say is aaah. >> yes, really. >> eun and joe -- >> that's it? easy gig today. >> all right i'll give you a little more information. you get the picture. it has turned so comfortable. yesterday was just a dream, and our dream continues this morning. yes, even though you're awake you're still dreaming. right now we're in the upper 50s in many locations in the rural areas of maryland, and virginia. closer to washington, low 60s in montgomery. arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, in washington near 70. right here the bay, low 70s. but away from the waters we are in the 60s this morning. out in the mountains, even cooler. in fact, it's just near 50 degrees in some of our higher locations of western maryland and into west virginia. so quite a cool start there. and over the last 12 hours, we can thank this nice, dry air mass, thanks to canada. they're celebrating canada day tomor
, i believe. let's find out from tom kierein. >> he knows. tom? >> he's listening. good morning. time for weather and traffic on the ones. >>> as we approach 5:11, we have a cloudy sky, increased humidity, a little bit of fog in the rural areas, and the radar is scanning the sky picking up developing shower now in northern loudoun county and across the frederick line into washington county. we have a number of showers coming into the southern shenandoah valley near charlottesville and farther to the north in west virginia and up into western maryland. that's advancing east-northeast. temperatures are mild to muggy this morning. we're in the low to mid-70s throughout most of the region. there's the predawn sky. we'll have our sunrise in about 23 minutes. and we'll have a little bit of sun this morning perhaps. then by 8:00, 9:00 or so, maybe some showers and thunderstorms into the metro area. but we'll have a few perhaps off to our west and southwest earlier than that. by noontime and during the middle part of the afternoon, partly sunny, highs near 90s. late afternoon and into the eve
still get more rain today. meteorologist tom kierein is in the stormcenter tracking our weather. how's it looking? good morning. >> good morning. >>> no travel problems this morning other than a little bit of patchy fog in some of the suburbs and rural areas. watch out for that. otherwise, we're gradually drying out from the overnight storms. right now temperatures are in the low to mid-60s throughout much of the region. weather watchers reporting this morning we had anywhere from .5 inch to over an inch of rain this morning. and we had flooding in parts of fairfax county. that's receded now. we're in low 60s in the suburbs. rural areas down to low to mid-60s overnight. still getting heavy downpours along the atlantic beaches and lower part of the eastern shore. as the day progresses, sun this morning, mid-70s by 9:00, low 80s by noon. during the afternoon, partly cloudy, highs mid-80s. then late afternoon into early evening we have a chance of a few isolated thunderstorms coming through. and then we'll clear out a bit after that. by midnight, mid-70s, partly cloudy. a look at the we
. let's go to tom kierein and look at our weather. >>> there's sunrise over the potomac. time for weather and traffic early on this wednesday morning. we have to say good night, moon. there is the last of the moon now. just about to set in the western sky. live picture from our sky watcher camera. it's a cool morning down to just near 60 degrees at reagan national. mid and upper 50s in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties. weather watchers on the blue ridge, shenandoah valley reporting only near 50 degrees. quite a chill in the air there this morning. closer to the bay, low 60s right near the waters. away from the waters, we're down in the 50s in many locations. a bit of a breeze many can youing o-- coming out of the north and west. by noontime, we'll be in the mid and upper 70s. by midafternoon we'll peak around 80 degrees. overnight tonight, looks like a beautiful evening. we'll have a clear start. we'll have the full moon rising again in the eastern sky just past sunset time, which is at 8:35. and then we'll have clouds closing in after midnight tonight.
to this day, but the sun is shining now. tom kierein joins us with with the first forecast. it certainly is pleasant out there, tom. >> a spectacular june day, once again, under way with low humidity this morning. we were down into the 50s in many areas, but now we've warmed up into the low 70s, throughout much of the region. right now, 72 at reagan national. we do have a few puffy clouds and a blue sky coming through. right now, mid-70s through central virginia and on the eastern shore, farther west and north, though, it's still in the 60s across north central maryland, western maryland, and parts of west virginia, it's only in the low 60s right now. they were in the 40s there this morning. and over the last 12 hours, there's been a weak disturbance coming down from the north into central pennsylvania. they're getting a few sprinkles there around state college and areas just east of pittsburgh, and that may move into the panhandle of west virginia, western maryland, over the next couple of hours, and there's a small chance of an isolated sprinkle here later this afternoon. otherwise, ju
, indeed. let's go to tom kierein to take a look at the forecast, tom. >>> much cooler. well, 5 degrees cooler this morning than it was yesterday. we'll take every degree we can get. we soared to 102 yesterday afternoon, tying the all-time june record. now this morning the overnight showers and storms are dissipating. temperatures are a bit cooler than they were yesterday morning at this time. down to 70 in the suburbs and rural areas. mid-70s in washington and by the bay. the view from city camera showing not quite as much humidity in the air. less haze. we're having increased visibility. our sunrise 5:43. by 9:00, near 80 and partly sunny. partly sunny afternoon. temperatures will reach the low 90s by midafternoon. code orange for poor air quality. late afternoon, evening, an increased chance of passing thunderstorms. here's the night planner. we could have passing showers and thunderstorms through friday evening. you'll need an umbrella as you head out and enjoy recreation and fun this evening. we'll take a look at the weekend and next week in 10 minutes. good morning. how is traffic
. hot, humid. tom kierein joins us with his first full forecast. >> we've had oal of cloudiness around this morning. the leading edge of light rain advancing towards the metro area, in a line that stretches from prince william into fauquier and culpepper. farther south, there are a few pockets of light to moderate rain now just east of charlottesville. this is advancing off to the north and east and will, if it does hold together it here, it looks like it probably will over the next half hour or so be right into fairfax county and into the district of columbia by, perhaps, in about a half an hour. right now in washington, we're in the mid-80s, and where they are getting that light rain, it's only around 80 degrees now. and off to our north and northwest, and off to the east, where they've had a little sunshine, temperatures there are in the mid-80s as well. we're not going to warm up much more. quite a bit cloudiness around as this line of showers that stretches not only from near us, it goes all the way down into the carolinas. that's out ahead of a front that be will be getting close
turned around. that would be nice. >> meteorologist tom kierein is going to start things off with a wet forecast. still kind of soggy out there, tom. >>> the rain has held off for the nationals and for the u.s. open over the weekend. i was at the game on saturday at nationals park. it was great run, great crowd there. had a huge crowd there yesterday. this morning, yes, the rain is now falling around the region. we had this rain continuing since late last evening, and we have -- don't really have any thunder and lightning, but light rain falling over virginia. only a couple of tenths here in washington. only .4 in the western suburbs. shenandoah valley, central part of the valley, about 1.5 inches. central maryland and parts of the northern neck, only about .33 to .80 inches. a little sun breaking out this afternoon as temperatures climb to around 80 degrees. partly cloudy this evening. here's your monday night planner. we'll be in the 70s through the evening and 60s by dawn tomorrow. a look at the rest of the week into the weekend in ten minutes. danella sealock, how's the commute? >>
't even see that every other day. >> maybe not even once a month. >> probably not. let's go to tom kierein and see what kind of day we're going to have today. looks like a gorgeous one, tom. we don't see these every day either. >> here's something you don't see very often. here's another view of our sky from the skywatcher camera. this time we're overlooking montgomery county in the middle distance. way off on the horizon, you can see sugar loaf mountain. the peak there is 1,300 feet. it's right there on the montgomery county and frederick county lines. it's about 30 miles away from our vantage point in northwest washington. quite a few this morning. chilly this morning there up in sugar loaf. elsewhere in montgomery county, low to mid-50s. fairfax and arlington counties in the mid-50s now. near 60 in washington. mid-50s prince george's county. along the bay and on the water, temperatures there low 60s. elsewhere, all around the region, a chilly morning with a clear sky. noontime, mid and upper 70s. lots of sun today. highs reaching near 80 by midafternoon. here's the night planner. we'll
. it is now 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the ones. meteorologist tom kierein joins us with more on the forecast. we like this refreshing change, tom. >> that beach scene looked great. >>> by the way, the water temperatures are swimmable the beaches. near 70. if you're heading to the beach this weekend, enjoy. there's the predawn sky over washington. you can see the wispy high clouds beginning to fade off to the east and low humidity continuing to move in. in washington, we're mid-70s as well as near the bay and eastern shore. still a bit cloudy and humid there. however, it's clearing out to our west. getting lower humidity moving into the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge and right around washington. lower humidity coming in on the northwesterly breeze. it will be in place throughout the day. sunrise by 5:46. by noon time and during the afternoon, bright sun and a blue sky. low humidity. you'll need the sun block. biel have a northwest breeze gusting to 20 miles an hour. low humidity again. overnight tonight, we'll be down near 60. mid-80s on thursday. still not very humid on
's find out about our weather. we'll fw to tom kierein in stormcenter 4. >>> good morning. it's turned more humid. you'll notice that what you step out the door. on radar, a few sprinkles, frederick county, maryland. in virginia and rappahannock and culpepper. temperatures in the 60s to near 70 in the rural areas. closer to washington in the nearby suburbs in montgomery county, arlington, prince george's county near 70. upper 60s much of fairfax county. near the bay, mid and upper 70s. there's that summer haze. the thick humidity is with us. by 9:00, we'll be near 80 degrees. little sunshine breaking out. we'll stay humid into the afternoon. we'll peak near 90 by midafternoon. and then late afternoon, likely some scattered thunderstorms popping up. those will likely move on through, through the rest of the evening, as a cool front sweeps through the region. only a small chance that an isolated storm would produce any wind damage or hail. and the storms should be done by midnight. after that, lower humidity moves in. a beautiful pattern setting up for the rest of the work week. we'll lo
could challenge records across much of the east coast, in fact. tom kierein begins our first coverage of midday. good morning. >> good morning, barbara. a live picture of our hazy sky over washington and it is certainly heating up. look at now reagan national airport, 90 degrees. here it is just 11:00 in the morning. and we have hit 90. and it's in the upper 80s in prince george's county, montgomery, arlington, fairfax county upper 80s to near 90 degrees. not much relief by the bay or even at the beaches there. it's in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. we don't have much wind, as well. we have calm winds around the region. as a result, we will have air stagnation this afternoon and the pollution will be building and we will have unhealthy air quality by mid-afternoon. certainly anyone with a heart or respiratory ailment needs to stay inside. a deep area of high pressure is pushing over the region and giving us a hot afternoon. we'll have our temperatures reaching near 100 degrees by mid-afternoon with hazy sunshine and it will feel like 100 to 105. we'll take a look at relief on the w
on this wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now it's pleasant. 73, reagan national. a little more humidity. mostly clear sky. we're in the 60s in the suburbs and rural areas. there's the jefferson memorial under this mostly clear sky this wednesday morning. we will have heat rapidly building. by 9:00, near 80. hazy sunshine. near 90 by noon time. and hitting the upper 90s. it will feel like 100 to 105 with the humidity. by 5:00, back down to the mid-90s. by 7:00, near 90. by 11:00, it will still be warm. around 80 degrees. by dawn tomorrow, low and mid-70s starting off thursday morning. another very hot day coming tomorrow. we'll talk about that. a break from the heat on friday and into the weekend coming up at 4:55. a look at next week as well. let's check traffic this wednesday morning. jerry, any problems? >> authorities are on the scene of a motorcycle accident that occurred early this morning. you're looking at live pictures. closed the that would take you from the inner loop to go on to river road. as a result the ramp from the inner loop is closed. off the beltway, if
'm meteorologist tom kierein. off to another fresh and cool start. it's in the upper 60s in washington right near the bay. elsewhere, we're down near 60 degrees in the suburbs. some of the rural areas of maryland and virginia in the 50s. 40s in the mountains. we're off to a mostly clear start. we do have a few clouds in pennsylvania that may come down later today. right now a clear and dry start. by 9:00 we'll be near 70. sunrise is 5:42. by noontime, mid-70s. midafternoon near 80 degrees. the slight chance of a few sprinkles this afternoon. overnight tonight, cloud cover breaking up by midevening. by late in the evening, that nearly full moon up as well as through the rest of the night and predawn tomorrow. we'll be down at wednesday, the rest of the week, and weekend at 4:51. let's check traffic and the commute this morning, danella sealock, how is it looking? >>> we have construction in virginia that may be affecting your commute. 495 at the inner loop right at the westbound 66 exit. that ramp is shut down due to construction. and the right lane only gets by on 495 on the inner loop of the bel
few days. meteorologist tom kierein is here with weather and traffic on the 1s. >>> heat wave. good morning. we'll be starting it today. right now it's pleasant. 69 at reagan national. upper 60s near the bay. elsewhere, upper 50s to around 60 degrees. quite a pleasant start this morning. we've got that predawn glow capitol hill in the distance. by 9:00, upper 70s. by noon, mid-80s. hazy sunshine this afternoon as we peak in the low 90s by midafternoon. poor air quality as well. if you have a heart or respiratory ailment, stay inside. a warm evening. low 80s early evening. by late evening, midnight, back down to the mid-70s. by this time tomorrow, humidity increasing. temperatures near 70 starting off tomorrow morning. increased heat and humidity tomorrow and thursday. changes for the weekend. a look at that at 5:21. >>> looking pretty good. volume on interstate 66 as you begin the commute. 123 toward the capital beltway. eastbound picked up. westbound all lanes are open. good news there. look out for the construction barrels. still in the roadway. volume very light. not much of a fa
>>> good morning. it's 6:11. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. the ground is still wet from overnight showers and thunderstorms that have ended about five or six hours ago now. temperatures are in the low to mid-60s throughout much of the region. 65 at reagan national. near 60 around the shenandoah valley. it's not a severe storm, just showers and thunder about to head towards harrisburg in virginia. and on the eastern shore, atlantic beaches getting showers and storms. by noontime, low 80s, partly cloudy. and late afternoon and into this evening, we could have passing thunderstorms and then clearing out late evening and partly cloudy by dawn saturday near 70. a look at the weekend and into next week at 6:21. danella, how's traffic? >>> starting off with our rails, a delay on the marc, camden south train number 843. it's a delay of 18 minutes. be aware of that as you make your commute. and a problem on route 7. in fact, if you're traveling on 495 in virginia, you may not exit onto eastbound or westbound route 7 due to downed lines. route 7 is closed between ramada road and towers crescent dri
. >>> meteorologist tom kierein >>> meteorologist tom kierein wi today is not about finding the time to do your homework. it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university graduates of 2011. a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here, with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. ♪ >>> good morning. comfortably cool. mid-60s with high clouds over the region. by noon time, mid-80s. sunshine in and out this afternoon. but highs reaching the low 90s. the beginning of a heat wave. night
. he is accusing the campaign of paying to bash their opponent? >>> tom kierein looks when the worst conditions will arrive. >>> we're following a developing story out of new york state. a police officer is killed on what should have been one of the >>> post a picture on twitter. the new york democrat also said he shared a number of pictures and conversations with six women in recent years. meanwhile, conservative blogger said he has an x-rated picture that weiner posted online but does not have plans now to make it public. >>> d.c. council member said he used money meant for children for a lavish lifestyle. he used his nonprofit as a personal bank account. according to the suit, thomasly secretly diverted $300,000 in city money meant for youth baseball programs. he is accused of spending cash on golf outings at pebble beach and in las vegas and for a $60,000 audi suv. the city is suing thomas for $1 million to recoup that money. >>> meanwhile, former d.c. mayoral candidate suleman brown has a week to provide documents against mayor vincent gray. brown testified undernoeth for the fi
. >> now let's go to tom kierein. he's joined us here in studio to take a look at our forecast. >> good morning. right now we've got on radar a few showers passing north of washington, right now, in extreme northeastern howard county. that's drifting toward baltimore. a couple other showers near the pennsylvania border, northern shenandoah valley drifting off to the north as well. elsewhere no showers near washington, or south and east of us. but it is mild and muggy this morning under the cloud cover. we have temperatures in the upper 70s. throughout most of the region all the way from the blue ridge to the atlantic beaches. much of the shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia in the low 70s. out of the mountains near 70 degrees right now. there's the sky over washington. live picture from our city camera. sky watch overlooking the city of washington. you can see a few breaks in the clouds, a little sun trying to break out. it's going to stay mostly cloudy rest of the morning. noontime, sun breaking out across much of the region. we'll be hitting the upper 80s by midafternoon. the
on the ones at 6:11. meteorologist tom kierein has the latest. >> the last part is up to you. >>> this morning it is humid and steamy. there is that sunrise off in the eastern horizon. as we look at the radar, we are picking up just a few light showers in montgomery county. one right near bethesda just outside the beltway as well as northern montgomery county. a couple other showers are showing up across northern virginia, just a few light sprinkles near now spotsylvania county. that one is diminishing. out of the highlands of west virginia, we're in the low to mid-70s throughout much of the region. 74 at reagan national. we'll have a little sun this morning. a possibility of a shower or thunder shower. during the afternoon, hot and humid, near 90. afternoon and evening, thunderstorms likely. only a slight risk of a storm producing wind damage or hail. we'll look at the rest of the weekend at 6:21. danella, how's traffic? >>> out in montgomery county, we still have 200 traffic lights not synchronized for the morning commute. this is 355 north of the corridor, rockville, gaithersburg, germantow
. >> melissa mollet, thank you. >>> let's check in with tom kierein for the forecast. >> it's still a mild day. look at this royal blue sky over montgomery county. you can see the high-rises there. those are in chevy chase and the high-rises of downtown bethesda. near 80 in washington. right now prince george's county, upper 70s. and just a delightful weather pattern. great beach and pool weather and we have high pressure to thank for that. that's over much of the eastern half of the nation. that's going to be drifting over us here for the rest of the day, tonight, and tomorrow with the low humidity with in afternoon highs climbing to the upper 80s and during the day tomorrow. maybe a little bit hotter by mid afternoon. still not uncomfortably humid. that's coming in for the weekend. on saturday we'll have that humidity in creasing throughout the day with highs reaching low 90s. sunday, partly cloudy, mid-90s. fourth looking great. highs near 90. good weather for all the fireworks displays. >>> just a few moments ago, d.c.'s fieshl officiare officia new details. tay expanded light duty from 30
and humid. tom kierein will tell us now whether we can expect any rain today. tom? >> yeah, i do think, probably by late afternoon and evening into the evening hours, we could get some scattered thunderstorms. right now, radar scanning the sky, not picking up any precipitation around the region, except in areas just to the southeast of fredericksburg, a couple of light showers there. otherwise, quite cloudy around the metro area. the temperature now at reagan national, 82 degrees. and south and east of washington, more sunshine breaking out. in the mid-80s there in many locations. and it's going to be a bit hotter there in southern maryland, lower eastern shore through central virginia later today. and temperatures right now around the region are already into the mid- and upper 80s. but farther west and north, we're still generally in the upper 70s. northwestern maryland, western maryland, panhandle of west virginia into much of with west virginia, and the shenandoah valley, also, many locations there just in the upper 70s. now, over the last 12 hours, we've had some of these showers p
nice start. tom kierein is in the storm center with the forecast. hey, tom. >> yeah, welcome sunshine, good morning, pat, around the region. we've had somewhat lower humidity moving in overnight, it feels. a little more comfortable today. and as we take a look at temperatures now, we're in the midand upper 80s throughout much of the region. in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, right now in the low and mid-80s, most locations there. and blue ridge west, into the shenandoah valley, upper 70s near 80. eastern shore and around the bay, right now we're in the mid-80s. and the somewhat lower humidity will be with us for another few hours. and much lower humidity will begin to move in right along an area of high pressure that is now pushing into the mountains, and it's triggering a few showers up in pennsylvania. those will stay to our north here for the next few hours. and there is a small chance of an isolated storm popping up this afternoon. temperatures should climb just a couple more degrees by midafternoon. we should make it up to 90 by midafternoon. and just a
. it's cute, but -- >> cute but not so cute. >> not that cute. yikes. >> let's go to tom kierein looking at the weather. tom? >> good morning. this morning, here's a view of montgomery county. off in the distance is the congressional country club, and the dark clouds are beginning to move in left to right. that's from south heading toward the north. and those clouds producing a few sprinkles right now in western fairfax county, as well as in southern loudoun county here in prince william. those are about to move up into montgomery county. there's congressional right there. and we have a few sprinkles, as well, in southern maryland around charles county, st. marys. temperatures in the low and mid 60s. we'll have this cloud cover thickening up a bit this morning and a few sprinkles are possible over the next couple of hours throughout the region. and then later this afternoon, we'll climb to near 80, and some late afternoon and evening thunderstorms are likely today. there's only a small risk of isolated storm that produce any wind damage or hail and that would be generally in virg
for weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning, i'm meteorologist tom kierein at 5:11. we have a few sprinkles showing up on radar in fauquier county, as well as across the blue ridge into northern warren county, southern clark, and scattered across frederick county, virginia, into the panhandle of west virginia. those are advancing off to the north and east. elsewhere, we have a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky, and it's cool. we're just near 60 in the suburbs and rural areas. you're going to the u.s. open today, during the morning hours, we'll be between mid 60s to mid 70s. and there is a chance for a few morning sprinkles. and then during the afternoon, we'll peak near 80 degrees by midafternoon. there is a possibility of a few scattered afternoon thunderstorms. and we do have, now, as the first light of day showing up over the potomac a mostly cloudy sky over capitol hill. near 70 by 9:00, in the upper 70s by noontime and maybe a few sprinkles this morning. then the likelihood of scattered afternoon storms. before then up around 80. we'll have perhaps a few of those storms ling
kierein to see what it's going to bring. tom? >> turquoise and mango. that's the sunrise this morning. look at the turquoise waters of the potomac reflecting that sky. sun will be up in about 25 minutes. now at 5:21, temperatures have dipped down into the 60s in many locations. just near the beltway and outside the beltway in montgomery, arlington, fairfax and prince george's counties. in washington, it's dipped down into the upper 60s. near 70 right on the waters. elsewhere we've dipped into the 60s on the eastern shore. however, west and north of us, it's down into the 50s in many locations. in the rural areas of maryland and virginia. and the sunrise will be occurring at 5:46, and by 9:00, we'll be into the mid 70s. lots of sunshine, and by midafternoon, ought to peak in the mid and upper 80s. it will be a dry heat. so definitely need sunblock and sunglasses today. but great weather for outdoor recreation. it's motorcycle and convertible weather. and then overnight tonight will be clear and cool. and by dawn on friday down near 60 tomorrow morning. but soaring to near 90 during the
kierein in stormcenter 4. tom? >> good morning. starting off on wednesday morning, you'll notice low humidity when you step outside. temperatures still mild. low to mid-70s reagan national. near 70 in the suburbs and rural areas. some of that dry air beginning to move into the western suburbs. still rather humid in washington and points south and east. the cloud cover will continue to move east, and we'll get increasing sunshine as the morning progresses. right now under a partly cloudy sky the temperatures will hold steady in the 70s through midmorning, and then by noontime will be in the low 80s. lots of sun this afternoon. will climb into the mid and upper 80s with lower humidity moving in. you'll definitely need sunblock. going to be off for a length of time. overnight we'll have a clear sky into the 70s. by this time tomorrow morning, we'll be down in the low to mid-60s. a real fresh change moving in will be in place for the next few days. danella, how's traffic? >> good morning. >>> so far we're really good. a lot of green. that means there are no incidents or accidents to repo
out at the club. >>> we'll check again with tom kierein for the latest on the forecast. looks like we'll have rain this afternoon, tom? >> could have some strong storms developing later this afternoon, and that would interrupt play, the morning rain we did have department last very long there and it did not interrupt play. right now, we do have some sunshine breaking out over washington and we have that luminous sky. a live picture there from the sky watcher camera. on radar now, we are getting a shower in central charles county, right near waldorf and la plata. that's drifting off to the north and east. elsewhere, we have another light shower in the central shenandoah valley, just north of harrisburg, and farther to the northwest of there, there is a larger area of some light rain that's falling in the panhandle of west virginia. that's drifting off to the northeast as well. and all around the region with the sunshine breaking out a bit, we have temperatures into the mid-70s now. 75 at reagan national. over the last 12 hours, over the morning sprinkles came on through, we've had brea
a look at our weather forecast. we're approaching 5:11. weather and traffic on the ones. tom kierein, stormcenter 4. >> good morning. >>> starting off this monday morning wet. we've got light rain falling throughout much of the region. you'll need an umbrella. that's light rain across much of maryland, virginia, district of columbia. also the panhandle of west virginia getting areas of light rain there. it's a mild morning. temperatures right around 70 degrees throughout much of the region. and overnight we've had about a quarter inch to a half inch of this rain, in addition to what fell on sunday. also a little bit of flooding in some of the creeks and streams farther to our west and north. panhandle of west virginia, western maryland. a few areas of light rain through noontime today and sun breaking off this afternoon with highs near 80 degrees. here's your "night planner." we'll be partly cloudy, 70s through the evening. this time tomorrow morning, mid-60s. a look at the rest of the week at 5:21. danella, sealock, how's the traffic? >>> we're slick. let's take a look at virginia.
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